The Smarter Skincare Solution - Cleanse. Exfoliate. Massage.

The next-generation sonic beauty device, JCT PRO , is here to revolutionize your skincare routine and raise it to new levels. With advanced technologies and groundbreaking design, JCT PRO provides multiple intelligent pulsation settings that deliver maximum benefits. High powered pulsations enhance cleansing while simultaneously exfoliating. Tuned pulsations provide a first-class anti-aging, firming massage. And Rhythmic Tapping Pulsations ensure superior absorption of skincare products for best results. JCT PRO features a detachable base with high-intensity pulsations for lymphatic drainage and other advanced treatments.


Delivers 7000 Micro-pulsations Per Minute.
3 Level Heating.
Ultra Hygienic, Medical Grade Antimicrobial Silicone.
Suitable for all skin types


  • $109.00